Saffron and Gastronomy: Recipes with Saffron

Cuisine and culture are interrelated, so the materials used in cooking depends on that particular culture and tradition. Saffron, most expensive popular spice, and its culinary uses have made a great difference in worldwide foods taste.

Delicious recipes

Fabada (Asturian bean stew with saffron): for 4 people


400 g of fabes (French beans)

200 g of Asturian spicy sausage

200 g of Asturian black puddings (dry, smoked)

200 g of shoulder of porko

100 g of bacon or streaky bacon

6 stigmas of saffron



Before anything else, soak the beans in cold water and bacon and shoulder pork in warm water for 1 night.

Next day, wash the spicy sausage and black pudding. Put the beans in a wide-based pottery dish and pour as much water as that it covers the beans.

Then put this uncovered dish on high flame to boil. As it is boiling remove all the scum. Now it`s time to add bacon and pork to this boiling beans and cover it. Let it simmer for 2 hours. Time to time, stir it.

Now, add saffron, season, spicy sausage and black pudding and leave to be cooked for 15 minutes. Make sure that beans are completely done and soft. If so, you can serve the stew and enjoy it.



4 table spoons olive oil

1 large chopped onion

1 diced red pepper

1 fully diced clove of garlic

1 table spoon ground cumin

1 table spoon dried and ground paprika

300 g eggplant (2 cm dices)

200 g courgette zucchini (2 cm dices)

400 g skinned chopped tomatoes fresh or canned

2 big eggs

A little sea salt, red paprika, and black pepper and saffron.


Heat the oil in a big casserole on a medium flame. Add onion, and red pepper. Fry them for several minutes till the onions get gold. Then, add cumin and paprika and stir. Let it be cooked for one minute. Now mix the eggplant with them. Cover the casserole and cook for seven minutes.

After this, add zucchini, salt, black pepper and saffron and cook them for about 4 minutes. After this step, add the tomatoes and pour 150 ml water and season. Let it be cooked slowly for 8 minutes, till the veg get crispy and the sauce become thick.

At the final phase, break the eggs on top of this mixture, add some paprika. Cover the casserole firmly and let it simmer as much as the eggs are set as you like.

The food is ready now. You can serve it with fresh and trendy bread.

• Galician Style Octopus


1 octopus 2 kilos

500 g potatoes

2 small onions



Olive oil


If your octopus is too fresh, first of all it`s needed to be soften. There are two ways to soften it. First you can beat it with a wooden masher to make it softer.

Second way is to put in the freezer for 2 days and the day before cooking defrost it in the fridge.

Chop the onions and put them in a pan which has some water. When it starts boiling it`s time to add the octopus. Take the octopus from the head part and dip in the boiling water three times. After the last time put in the pan, don`t take it out and let it be cooked for 5 minutes. After being cooked, take the pan from the stow to be cold (15 minutes is enough.) Then take the octopus out of the pan.

Put diced and peeled potatoes in the same water in which octopus was cooked. Dice the octopus into medium pieces meanwhile. Take the cooked potatoes out of the pan and put in a platter and place the pieces of octopus on top of them.

The last technique involves adding olive oil, paprika and coarse salt (you can mix these substances in advance and add the mixture now, or you can add them separately like we said

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