How to use saffron

To get all the flavour and colour of saffron, this can be mashed in a mortar to get a uniform powder. Before using, add it to hot water, milk or some liquor (if the recipe includes it) and wait for some minutes until the saffron gives up its flavour and colour.

Another way would be to roast the saffron already wrapped in kitchen paper in a hot pan, very carefully so that it does not burn. Then it is mashed in a mortar and the resulting powder is left to soak or is added directly to the recipe.

If we use saffron powder, then we can add it to the dish without the need to previously infuse it.

Keep in mind that the quantity used is usually minimal, no more than half a teaspoon. Be careful when storing the saffron, in a hermetically sealed jar, in a cold and dark place, avoiding humidity.




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