Company Profile, Mission, Vision

Spain is a leader in saffron production, and that’s the reason why so many companies, traditional or industrial, have decided to introduce Spanish saffron in their products. Among them, Unisaffron is unique.

Unisaffron is a company specialized in saffron, established in 2012, with a professional team who have worked in this area for three generations. So, we definitely know how to treat saffron during production process and not damaging its value. Training, restlessness and constant updating, is part of the daily routine, to give our customers fast service and a quality product.

Our saffron is chosen from the best raw materials from all over the world. Then, some experiments are done to test the depth of colour and flavour intensity, so the best quality saffron could be packed and marketed. That`s the reason why we have earned the loyalty of our customers. 


We are using the latest technology and fully-equipped laboratory to meet our purpose, the customers' satisfaction.


We challenge ourselves to offer the best quality saffron. We’ll put all the facilities and know-how that we possess to achieve this goal.

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