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Why saffron is the most precious spice

All seasonings are precious and have useful health properties. But their king, saffron, is more outstanding than others from this point of view. Maybe that is the reason why it`s the most expensive spice in the world and is also called "Red Gold".

It can have different applications in various industries including food, pharmacy, cosmetic, dyeing, etc. With so many uses it`s no wonder that saffron is so priceless and worthy.

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Best quality saffron

The saffron produced is collected from specialized lands, where the latest cultivation technology and irrigation methods are applied.
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Growing saffron

The best corms are chosen to be planted. Years of experience have helped us to apply the best methods of sowing, which result in the best quality saffron and at the same time we protect the environment.
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) Saffron process

After harvesting, saffron is stripped under careful and hygienic conditions, paying attention to be in accordance with our customers` needs and wishes.
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